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Bald is Not Always Beautiful

While bald may be a popular hairstyle, a bald tire is a whole different story. It's not just your safety that is at risk when your tires are bald. Your tires could cause an accident that hurts other people, too. We offer 75 brands of tires, including Cooper Tires which are made in America.

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  • New tire sales

  • Rotations

  • Mount and balance

  • Free flat repair with purchase of 4 tires

  • Free lifetime tire rotation with purchase of four tires

  • Over 75 brands to choose from

Tire services:

A full set of tires is a significant expense and we like to see you get the most for your money. Tires last longer when properly inflated and regularly rotated. We will rotate your tires for free when you purchase a set of 4 from us.


At Plaza Auto Clinic, we check your tire pressure when servicing your vehicle, but it should be checked more frequently than that. A simple tire gauge and frequent checks can extend the life of your tires dramatically.

Protect your investment



prices for new tires.


The right tires when properly inflated, can increase your gas mileage.